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A rustic bar of soap as capable and down-to-earth as the men who use it. Made with pumice, rhassoul clay, and turmeric, Primal harnesses a unique blend of scrub and slip to bring you a distinct cleansing experience crafted from some of the earth's finest ingredients. 


 LATHER  Silk-like       SCRUB  Moderate


Vegan                      Face
Cruelty-free             Body


Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Olive, Organic Sustainable Palm, Coconut, Shea Butter), Pumice, Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Turmeric
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
My go to soap

This bar is my go to now. Rugged is for those tough clean jobs, but primal is my everyday soap and it's helped my skin quite a lot. For extra exfoliation use the bar itself, but for every day I suds up a cloth/loofa and use that for a less abrasive wash.

Kris D
My Favorite Soap!

I wanted to use this soap for 2 weeks before leaving a review so it could be a thorough one. Within 2 days of using this soap, it has become my favorite soap of all time. I don't like body wash and the many bars of soap I've tried over the years either leave me dry or with a waxy film. Not Primal.
Primal has the perfect amount of scrub (from the pumice) that can be used on most of my body and I'm glad I can use it with my scrubber or just the bar itself. The amount of lather was surprising and when I rinsed off, it didn't leave behind any film or dry me out. I will definitely buy more of these bars in the future.

Emily Richards
Scrubby times!!

Sometimes when I get really hot and sweaty, or dirty working out in the yard, I want to get that layer of grime off my skin without stripping oils or drying my skin out. This is that soap. I can use it on a wash cloth or directly on my skin and the scrubbiness in it is perfect to take off the unclean feeling and leave my skin feeling moisturized and clean without feeling like I took my top layer of skin off.


This soap is awesome for people who struggle with dry skin! It’s a medium-grit, so it’s not too rough, and doesn’t dry your skin out. It was perfect for my legs, which can sometimes get scaly (yuck), and made them feel smooth after just one wash! I’m looking forward to seeing how they improve as I continue to use this soap! Thanks, Wild Forge!

Nick S
It’s good soap

I woke up this morning, admired my incredible beard in the mirror, slapped on my plaid shirt and suspenders, and went to work to cut down fully grown trees using only my bare hands all day. When I got back to my cabin, I used this soap to clean off my blood, sweat, and man tears. It did its job. It's good soap. 

A soap that's as straightforward as I am.

I ain't no princess, so why would I need to smell like one? Great soap.

Why would I want to cover up the liquid testosterone seeping out of my pores with some artificial scent? This is the soap for me.