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Is your soap all natural?

Our bar soap is the real deal when it comes to being all-natural. On top of our natural saponifiable and feature ingredients, there are no synthetic fragrances or colors here. We're all about harnessing the power of nature to create a wild-inspired cleansing experience. What you get in our soap bars is pure, unadulterated natural goodness.

Is your soap chemical-free?

Fun fact: nothing in the world is "chemical-free." That's because all matter, including the stuff you find in nature, is composed of chemicals. The term "chemical-free" gets tossed around a lot by companies in the natural product industry. They use it to assure consumers that they're steering clear of synthetic materials that are often associated with health concerns. However, we aren't fans of this term.

Why? It's simply not accurate, and it can create a false sense of security. Natural ingredients can be harmful, depending on their properties. Take arsenic, for example - it's entirely natural, yet it's incredibly dangerous.

Product safety is a multifaceted issue. The truth is, whether an ingredient is natural or synthetic doesn't have much bearing on its safety. The real key is the dose and how it's used, based on the properties of that substance.

So, if you're wondering whether our soap is "chemical-free," the answer is no, because that's literally impossible. However, if you value a natural ingredient philosophy, you're in the right place. Every ingredient in our soap is natural. If you want to read more about our ingredients, you can check that out here.

Does your soap contain parabens, formaldehye, SLS, or phthalates?

No, our soap contains none of these, and we'll let you in on a little industry secret. None of these ingredients are required to make real soap. When you see companies advertising the absence of these ingredients in their soap, it's likely marketing.

It is possible to find phthalates in soap because they can be a common additive to fragrance materials (though not all fragrance contains phthalates - most soap companies like ours we come across now avoid phthalates in their fragrances). Regardless, you don't have to worry about this with our product to begin with because all of our soap is 100% fragrance-free.

Is your soap hot or cold process?

Our soap is cold process.

How long does a bar of soap last?

This is tough question to answer because many variables contribute to a soap bar's longevity. Typically, we'd say a bar will average 2-3 weeks for an individual, depending on your use and care of the bar. Letting soap dry between uses is paramount in prolonging its longevity.

Is there lye in your soap?

In a nutshell, no. While lye is used to make our cold process soap (it's what makes soap what it is), by the time our soap's done with its chemical magic, there's no lye left. So, don't sweat it. Our soap bars are lye-free and good to go.

Where do you ship to?

We currently sell our soap in the United States but have plans to expand our shipping horizons. The best way to stay in touch on this matter is to sign up for our email list. That way, you'll be alerted as soon as we're ready to go international.

What does shipping cost?

Wild Forge uses USPS Ground Advantage and UPS Ground. USPS Priority Flat Rate is available for specific larger order sizes. Shipping options and rates are shown at checkout and based on weight and destination as well as a $1 processing fee.

To read more about our shipping policy, please visit here.

How much do your soap bars weigh?

Soap contains water, and over time, some of it will evaporate. When we label our soap, we play it safe and round things down to 4.5oz because regulations don't want us to overestimate our product weight. In reality, our soap bars weigh more when packaged.

As much as we strive for a consistent product, our soap is handcrafted and slight fluctuations can occur from time to time. The good news is that even if you end up with one closer to 4.5oz, you're not missing out on anything. All the qualities that make our soap effective remain intact as any residual water evaporates. If you ever receive a bar that's less than 4.5oz, don't hesitate to reach out so we can resolve the issue.

Do you use sustainable palm oil?

Yes. The palm oil used in our soap is certified Palm Done Right. Read more about this initiative here.

Are your products vegan?

Our current soap bars are vegan, but we've got plans to introduce some bars with goat milk in the future. Don't sweat it though. You'll find all the details on our product pages, so you'll know exactly what you're purchasing.

Are the oats in your soap certified gluten-free?

The oats used in are soap are not certified gluten-free. If you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity and are worried about the potential effects of topical gluten exposure, talk to your doctor about your risk before purchasing soaps that contain oats.

Is soap safe for my skin?

Soap is generally considered a safe product, but life likes to throw curveballs. Health conditions and individual quirks can make what's usually safe a bit unpredictable. We understand that. None of us can foresee when our health might change the game. Here's the deal: we're all about safety. Before trying any new skincare product, we strongly recommend patch testing. Check out the American Academy of Dermatology Association's patch testing protocol. And if you have any concerns about whether our soap is the right fit for you, have a chat with your doctor or dermatologist before purchasing our product.

If I'm allergic to your ingredients should I purchase your soap?

Please don't. While we'd love to share the goodness of Wild Forge with you, your health is what's most important. And epinephrine, ambulances, and emergency department trips are too expensive for a game of chicken with soap.

Any soap we sell runs the risk of exposure to any of the ingredients in our soap. If you have allergies, especially ones that are life-threatening, we'd always rather you choose to be safe, even if that means you don't purchase our product.

What scrub options does your soap offer?

We currently offer three types of scrub experiences with our soap:

1. Smooth Cleanse: No scrub.

2. Moderate Scrub: Similar to
'medium grit' from other soap

3. Robust Scrub: Our most
exfoliating option.

Stay tuned for new soap formulations coming soon.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of personal care products, we do not accept returns on our bar soap. Please be certain of your purchase before you make it. If you have any questions first, reach out and lob them at us. We're here to help.

Is your soap refundable?

Refunds may be issued under the following circumstances if you notify us within 14 days of receiving your item:

  • Your product arrives damaged.
  • You receive an item other than what you ordered.
  • Your product is never delivered to the address you input when placing your order.

With the exception of a failed product delivery, store credit is offered after this if you notify us of any of these issues within 30 days

If you are eligible for a refund, you may select to be sent another product of equal value in lieu of a monetary refund or select to have a store credit applied to your account.

Please note that your original shipping fees are non-refundable if you select to be sent a replacement. But in the event that you are shipped a replacement product, we will not charge you shipping for it.

Can I cancel my order?

We can cancel orders that have not yet been shipped. If you need to cancel your order, please send an email with “CANCELLATION REQUEST” in the subject line to

What is the shelf life of your soap?

We recommend you use our soap within 12 months of purchasing, though it does likely last longer. But for peak performance, we recommend 12 months.

Why unscented soap?

Why not? Fragrance, whether natural or synthetic, ranks high among the riskiest ingredients in personal care products, especially when it comes to triggering skin reactions. Some skin types flat out reject it. And let's not forget that there are men out there who are allergic to this stuff. Others might have sensory or medical concerns when it comes to fragrances. Plus, if you've got a job where you can't show up smelling like you just stepped out of a perfume shop, unscented soap isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. Never mind that it's better to skip the fragrance in the shower if you want your pricey cologne to make the statement that's intended.

What do you have against fragrance?

Nothing! Fun fact, one of our founders is an aromatherapist, so we're well-acquainted with and even enjoy essential oils and fragrances ourselves from time to time. If you're all about scent in your soap, we have no issue with that. We also support our soap brethren who who choose to include these ingredients in their soaps. But here's the deal: we're here to deliver a different kind of cleansing experience. And we admittedly like to remind men that there's nothing wrong with just smelling like themselves.

How is your soap lather?

Our soap bars produce excellent lather, and it is something our product testers have praised. We offer a variety of lather "feels" with our soap. If you find that you are having issues getting a good lather with our bars, check and see if you have hard water. Hard water's higher concentration of minerals unfortunately interferes with getting a good lather going with your soap.

Why do some of your bars say not to use it on the face?

Larger and heavier exoliating particles are not ideal for use on more sensitive skin, such as the face and other - ahem - sensitive areas. For moderate or robust scrub bars we suggest any direct bar-to-skin use be kept away from these areas.

However, if you like the properties of the bar and want to use it on your face, you can do so safely by lathering up a washcloth or your preferred cleansing item and washing with the soap that way.

Why do your soap bars sometimes vary slightly in shape?

Our soap is not mass produced and is handcrafted using specific methods and materials to give our soap its rustic aesthetic. We will not get the silicone-mold-perfect soap bar shapes seen so often today simply because our soap is made prioritizing more traditional, old-school techinques. But we like it that way. While this does lead to some variations from time to time, you're still going to get what's promised on the package. Soap is labeled by weight, and we take careful measures to ensure that all our packaged soap meets those weight requirements.