Redefining Smelling Like a Man with Unapologetically Unscented Bar Soap

[CHARLOTTE, October 17, 2023]

We’re a new, veteran-owned addition to the personal care market and take a fresh, authentic approach to bar soap. Today, we’ve launched our natural, unscented cold process soap, designed to encourage men to embrace their natural essence and redefine what it means in the realm of personal care to smell like a man.

We aim to shatter the stereotype that fragrance is a prerequisite for masculinity. Committed to authenticity and quality, every bar of soap is handcrafted in North Carolina, harnessing nature’s finest ingredients to provide men with an unparalleled cleansing experience.

At the core of our mission is the belief that cleanliness shouldn’t be tied to what fragrance brings to the table. Free from both natural and synthetic fragrances and artificial additives, our cold process bar soap elevates the art of an old-fashioned clean to new heights of confidence and self-assurance. Each bar is meticulously designed to offer a range of cleansing experiences.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond our products. As a veteran-owned and operated business, we prioritize the spirit of service and unwavering dedication with our ethos grounded in empowering men to embrace their true selves, unburdened by arbitrary expectations.

“Clean is Forged in Suds, Not Scent,” encapsulates our dedication to the power of unscented soap. We invite you to step into the world of Wild Forge and discover the confidence to just be yourself—clean and proudly unique.

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